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Directed by Jonas Wolcher
Written by Jonas Wolcher
Starring Malte Aronsson, Linus Karlgren, Kim Sønderholm, Ida Karolin Johansson, Lars Lundgren, Vargman Bjärsborn, Johanna Valero, Anders Dahlberg, Anoshirvan Parvazi, Kjell Häll Eriksson, Juznur Siuleymanova, Caroline Stråle Svensson, Gustav Magnarsson
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Reviewed by Ambush Bug

Fans of film on the more experimental side are going to be the ones who get something positive out of this review. If you’re in the mood for straightforward storytelling with everything making sense and thrive on literal elements in their movies, please see some of the other cool films in this column. CANNIBAL FOG by Swedish experimental director Jonas Wolcher is about as off the beaten path as you can get, and is pretty amazing because of it.

The film begins with a pair of men in white shirts running towards the camera. As they get closer, you see that they are smeared with blood and look as if they are about to eat the viewer until they get so close that they are right on top of you. We then jump to the past, where one of the men from the beginning is eating fries just when someone near him is shot. The blood spatters all over the fries, yet the man continues to eat and feels intoxicated by the taste. This simple chocolate meets peanut butter moment sparks a hunger in the man that he cannot feed with sex, drugs, or alcohol. Soon he becomes wrapped up with a cannibal counterculture where people willingly offer up their bodies to be eaten by others who are more than willing to dine on them.

Thematically and from a storytelling standpoint, CANNIBAL FOG is strong as iron. The way the story interlaces itself between a blossoming cannibal and a more wizened one is complex, and writer/director Jonas Wolcher handles it all with a lot of grace and style. Wolcher films in an anything goes style, as if he really wasn’t interested in getting the best line deliveries from his cast, and a lot of the film seems to be made on the fly, but these rough indie edges are part of this film’s appeal. It seems very real, this descent into cannibal madness, and it all makes for some fascinating viewing.

Intercut with all sorts of weird detours about cooking, underground cannibal eating clubs, visitations from an angel of death, and the finale where the two cannibals go on a biting frenzy taking nips and chunks out of the arms and necks of random people on the street, make an altogether unique and unusual film experience. Again, CANNIBAL FOG is not for those who like their horror polished and clean. Dodgy acting and edits thrive during this film’s runtime. But there’s an underground appeal to this film that makes it all the more effective for me, specifically in the final moments when the cast give into their cannibalistic urges. Odd, eccentric, experimental, CANNIBAL FOG is a refreshing order from off the menu.




A report from Film4 Fright Fest Film where they compared to Cannibal Fog with Aaaaaaah!

Dr. Charlie Oughton reports from UK’s Film4FrightFest films


Directed by Steve Oram


No really, AAAAAAAAH! This was my reaction to this pretentious pile of twaddle from director Steve Oram (of SIGHTSEERS fame). The film is admirable for its unswayable reason d’etre, but unfortunately it’s a bit of a one-trick war horse. The film starts with two men pissing on pictures in the pouring rain in the foliage of a gritty urban landscape (we’re in ‘GUL’ territory) and moves through the trials and tribulations of those left behind where consumerism, tribalism and empty ritual have robbed people of their ability to really connect properly – they basically ‘ape grunt’ throughout. Yep, it’s about throwing a tantrum because you don’t like the TV channel (just like all of Steve’s famous and cameo-tastic celebrity chums, as PR pack chirpily tells us).

It is a really strange film as it is actually rather well made and may appeal to cult film fans for featuring the likes of Toyah Wilcox (of JUBILEE) among its strong cast. The old punk is certainly game, and certainly it’s no mystery why she has taken part in this off the wall project. She adds a sense of both realism and gravitas – as much as she can considering what she does with a cookery program and a carvery at one point. Her role is vital as a contrast to the contributions others such as the likes of MIGHTY BOOSH star, Noel Fielding, whose appearance is to do little more than turn up for a cheap dick joke that is hammily directed to play for the camera, It breaks the reality of the piece just so the audience get a full frontal penis pic to show us how outré, daring and terribly clever the film (thinks it) is.

AAAAAAAAH! honestly and truly annoyed me for using a lot of artistic machination to make comparatively simple points about the nature of society and consumer culture (blah blah blah). The style is reminiscent of the recent (and far better) CANNIBAL FOG, but this felt like a classic case of the EMPORER’S NEW CLOTHES. That said, FrightFest should be applauded for taking on such non-standard fare as it may lead the way to more experimentation, which is after all the lifeblood of cinema.

Steve Oram’s AAAAAAAAH! is an extended, well-acted, occasionally amusing and undeniably peculiar attempt at social commentary. Just thank God it’s only a movie.





Don’t miss our screening 4:05 pm Cannibal Fog 1 hr 55 min @ FANTASMAGORICAL Kentucky August 8th.


Here’s the screening schedule for the festival


Room 213
5:30pm Devil You Know 11min 20 sec
5:42 pm Don’t Despair 16 min 30 sec
6 pm It Grows 16 min 20 sec
6:17 pm Massacre 10 min 57 sec
6:28 pm Mr. Dentonn 9 min 2 sec
6:38 pm Night Of the Slasher 11 min 16 sec
6:50 pm Parelelo 5 min 50 sec
6:56 pm The Cure 14 min 59 sec
7:11pm The Devil Walks in Salem 31 min 55 sec
7:42 pm The Perpheral 11 min 17 sec
7:54 pm What’s Eating Dad 10 min 53 sec
8:04 pm Howl of a Good Time 9 min
8:15 pm Sponsor
8:20 pm A Dark Night in The Wrong House 2 min 53 Sec
8:24 pm A Zombie Next Door 15 min 36 Sec
8:46 pm Annaliese- A Love Story 16 min 37 Sec
9:05 pm Artichokes Piranha from the Prehistoric Abyss 10 min 51 sec
9:12 pm Between Hell and a Hard Place 24 min 23 sec
9:37 pm Black Rock Creek 4 min 58 sec
9:41 pm Dead Air Screener 16 min 33 sec

Room 217
6:00 pm Tuckerman 1 hr 3 min 44 sec
7:05 pm I was a Teenage Superhero Sidekick 1 hr 16 min 28 sec
8:20 pm Magnetic 1 hr 19 min 57 sec

Room 218
5:40 pm Mercy
6:00 pm Thanatos
7:00 pm The Perfect Husband
8:30 pm Non-Stop to Comic-Con

Room 219
6:00 pm Ezekial’s Landing 1 Hr 24 min 56 sec
7:52 pm Australiens 1 hr 51 min 10 sec

Room 213

Animation Shorts Block
11:00 am War Dogs 11 min 14 sec
11:15 am 2.0.1 7min 51 sec
11:25 am Hamsters: A History 14 min 38 sec
11:40 am The Urge 2: It lies Within 8 min
11:50 am Haunt 6 min 30 sec
12:00 pm Miasma 7 min 27 sec
12:08 pm Sponsor
12:16 pm Bridge Escort: Modern Tale of Charon 8min 59 sec
12:24 pm The Looking Planet 16 min 39 sec
12:37pm Death and the Iron Maiden 5 min 33 sec
12:43 pm Amazing Judith and The Wall 6min 40 sec

Sci Fi Shorts Block
12:56 pm Cosmic Kiosk 16 min 42 sec
1:15 pm Long Dream 13 min 59 sec
1:30 pm Mojave Junction 12 min 46 sec
1:46 pm M-Theory 15 min 5sec
2:02 pm Nightblind 15 min
2:18 pm Panopticon 30 min 2sec
2:49 pm Phoenix 12 min 10 sec
3:02 pm Sharkasaurus 8 min
3:11 pm The Albion Falls 3min 10 sec
3:15 pm The Washing Machine 10 min 38 sec
3:26 pm Transport 4min 3 sec
3:31 pm 1080p 27 min 44 sec
4:00 pm Enfilade 10 min
4:11 pm Helio 19 min 47 sec
4:32 pm Poison Apple 9 min 45 sec
4:42 pm The Activists 37 min 35 sec
5:20 pm The Fischer Case 21 min 6 sec
5:42 pm Time After Time 16 min 8 sec
5:59 pm Total Animal 3 3 min 39 sec
6:03 pm Yo Soy Pedro 10 min 35 sec
6:15 pm Code Name-Iron Knight 11 min 59 sec
6:30 pm Flowerstream Prelude 18 min 26 sec
Room 217
10:45 pm Minds Eye 1 hr 51 min 4 sec

Fanfilm Block
12:45 pm Batgirl Rises 40 Min 22 sec
1:25 pm Susannahs Lesson 9 min 25 sec
1:35 pm Roses are Red 11 min 6 sec
1:47 pm On the Edge of Oblivion 9 min 29 sec

Youtube/New Media Block
2:00 pm The Spell Tutor 10 min 48 sec
2:15 pm Body Jumpers-Times Up 19 min 15 sec

2:35 pm The Power of The Freight Train 1 hr 29 min 53 sec
4:00 pm Letters to Daniel 54 min 6 sec
5:00 pm Decades 2013: Road to 125 Shows 58 min 47 sec

6:00 pm Cassandra 14 min 17 sec
6:15 pm Shiner 10 min 10 sec
6:20 pm Total Awesome Viking Power 14 min 45 sec
6:35 pm The Stranger 19min 25 sec

Room 214
11:30 am Twice Upon a Time 17 min 46 sec
11:50 am Genetic Drift 18 min 24 sec
12:10 pm
12:25 pm The Hunting of the Snark 1 hr 5 min 27 sec

Bloody Scary Movie Blocks
1:35 pm Entre 15 min 30 sec
1:51 pm Garaged 6 min 37 sec
2:00 pm Good Luck Holly Pebble 5 min 42 sec
2:06 pm Intrusion 6 min 55 sec
2:13 pm Lady in White 17 min 32 sec
2:31 pm Letting 2 min 59 sec
2:35 pm PMS-Pre Teen Monster Syndrome 29 min 39 sec
3:05 pm Santa Krampus 26 min 34 sec
3:35 pm Returns and Exchanges 14 min 50 sec
3:50 pm Silken Luna 12 min 26 sec
4:05 pm Snake with a Human Tail 31 min 21 sec
4:35 pm The Case of Evil 10 min 48 sec
4:45 pm Awakenings 13 min 18 sec
5:00 pm Bad Guy #2 9 min 55 sec
5:10 pm Blood Loss 25 min 31 sec
5:36 pm Dystopia St. 10 min 50 sec
5:47 pm Harvest 19 min 34 sec
6:10 pm Here Lies in the Afterlife 7 min 45 sec
6:18 pm Hungry 18 min 21 sec
6:45 pm Invaders 6 min 8 sec
6:51 pm A Strange Kind of Pumpkin 8 min 29 sec
6:55 pm Chip & Bernies Zomance 1 hr 9 mins

Room 219
11:25 am PMS Cop 1 hr 32 min
1:00 pm A Slit Mouth Woman in LA 1 hr 43 min 6 sec
2:45 pm The Sky has Fallen 1 hr 20 min
4:05 pm Cannibal Fog 1 hr 55 min
6:10 pm Amethyst 35 min 1 sec
6:36 pm Disengaged 14 min 44 sec
6:52 pm Mercy 19 min 32 Sec
7:12 pm The Rat’s Dilemma 10 min 12 sec
7:25 pm Sarah’s Room 1 hr 21 min


IMG_6903x2-1024x719På plats i Alingsås passade David på att fånga Jonas Wolcher för en intervju, i samband med att hans senaste film Cannibal Fog visades. Samtalet kom att handla främst om filmen och hur arbetet kring den gick, men även hur allt började för Jonas och vad det var som fick honom att ledas in på filmregins bana.


Here is the next poster for Cannibal Fog Part 1 – Focus.

It’s Albin merged with Michael. It’s powerful, odd and a bit scary.

What do you think?



sexylipslobbycard22x15CM_mallhoriz.jpgCOOL NEWS!

CANNIBAL FOG, is now an Official Selection of the 2015 Fantasmagorical Film Festival.

The Festival is part of the incredible Fandomfest comic expo in Louisville, KY, August 7-9.

For more info, click here:


Free screening of Cannibal Fog at Bio Palladium Alingsas 6/26 20.00

I’m happy to announce we are back in Alingsas Sweden.
Cannibal Fog will be shown including Harvest at Kultfilmsfestivalen which kicks off on Friday.



Kim Sønderholm says:

– I’m happy to have our film “Harvest” shown on Friday, I hope you will enjoy it. However, please note that it was directed by me and Martin Sonntag, not just me  More about the film here


Harvest – Fanpage



Svensk kannibalfilm visas på bio i Varberg

Publicerad 28/04 – Hallands Nyheter

Film När Jonas Wolcher åker till sin gamla hemstad Varberg på onsdag har han något både udda och blodigt i bagaget – Sveriges …första långfilm om kannibaler. Cannibal fog – så heter skräckfilmen som visas på Bio Capitol i Varberg på onsdag kväll den 29 april. På plats finns inte bara regissören Jonas Wolcher utan även två av rollfigurerna, kannibalkocken Albin spelad av Malte Aronsson och en mystisk biskop, spelad av en göteborgare med det långa namnet Vargman Antichristian Blåvitt Johan Bjärsborn (ja, han heter så).

– Chockera för att underhålla är min paroll. Antingen tycker man om det eller inte. En stor drivkraft är att göra folk glada, säger Jonas.

lobbycard22x15CM_mallhoriz_JPKannibalfilm alltså. Då går mina tankar till Cannibal holocaust, en känd fejkdokumentär från 1980.

– Ja, det är ju en klassiker, men vi har i stället gjort en mörk, rå komedi som handlar mer om det är okej att äta människokött.

I Cannibal fog vävs flera historier samman, när sprit- och sexmissbrukaren Michael (spelad av Linus Karlgren) möter matbloggaren Albin, som lagar till en exotisk middag efter att ha fått kontakt med en dansk man som vill bli uppäten.

– Michael är en ofrivillig kannibal som märker att han gillar människokött, samtidigt som hans bror och mamma vill få honom tillbaka till katolska kyrkan, säger Jonas.

– Filmens tanke är att första tuggan av människa ger dig fokus, av den tredje hamnar du i orgasmliknande trance och efter femte är du fast i kannibaldimman.

Att kannibalkocken heter just Albin är en blinkning till varbergaren Albin Glasell, vars kortfilmer Barracuda och Cocktail apocalypse har specialeffekter av Wolcher.

Inför inspelningen av Cannibal fog studerade Jonas både nya fall av kannibalism och dömda kannibaler som Issei Sagawa, Albert Fish, Jeffrey Dahmer och Armin Meiwes.


– Ja, och i Tyskland träffade jag till och med en långväga släkting till mannen som Armin Meiwes åt av. Det kändes rätt märkligt…

Jonas Wolcher flyttade till Varberg när han skulle börja tredje klass och var kvar resten av skolåren, men bor nu i sin födelsestad Göteborg igen. Vägen från filmintresse till att regissera genrefilm var krokig och gick via en kurs för Jonas Myrstrand 1992 och en reklamfilm för maskeradkostymer och smink åtta år senare.

2003 startade inspelningen av Die Zombiejäger, en av Sveriges första riktiga zombiefilmer, med en blygsam budget på 50 000 kronor under tre år. Nästa projekt krävde 100 000 kronor och fler stuntmän, Dragonetti the ruthless contract killer, och fick premiär 2010.

– Jag är stolt över att vi lyckades genomföra två mastodontprojekt och lära oss av våra misstag. För Cannibal fog hade vi bara 10 000 kronor, men gjorde den snabbare med mindre team, säger 42-årige Jonas Wolcher och fortsätter:

– Jag hade kunnat ha mycket specialeffekter, men valde att ha riktiga köttbitar och bara fyra digitala tricks, en rökpuff, en skakning, en eldsflamma och en patronhylsa. Det obehagliga är mer i tittarnas tankar. Även sexscenerna ser äkta ut, alltså rätt tråkiga.

Cannibal fog hade svensk premiär på Bio Roy i Göteborg den 11 april och körs på Hagabion i samma stad den 6 juni. Den har även visats på festivaler i Tyskland och Mexiko.

– Jag är glad över mottagandet och de höga betygen och tror att kannibalfilm är nästa genre som kommer att bli stor i Hollywood och hela världen, som zombiefilmen blev för tio år sedan. Se bara på tv-serien Hannibal, säger Jonas.

Sedan berättar han om restaurangen som serverar en köttblandning som ska smaka människa.

Någon som blir lite sugen?


From a seedy study of sexual obsession to a deliciously disturbing comedy of manners, Jonas Wolcher’s Cannibal Fog mixes art-house sensibilities with gastronomic gore. The film’s focus is the fleeting pleasures of consuming alongside the physical and mental ecstasy and transformation that it, if you’re lucky, can bring. To lift the lid on even the opening credits would spoil the succour of the whole.

The action takes place in an urban cityscape and the isolation that speaks of, whether it’s architect-manicured concrete or depersonalised, boxy apartments. These people (and their inspirations) are all trying to feel. This is emphasised by dirty-docu direct realism that switches to in-scene video recorder during some of the sexual sequences (yes, it’s that kind of film). Realism is often achieved simply because the characters themselves are going through the motions, yet the camera also shows vital understanding in long-shot driven night sections and extreme close ups that manage to evade common cheese.

Read the complete review written by Written by Karen Oughton Friday, 06 March 2015 for starburstmagazine.